Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Living Quarters!!!

I guess I should tell you that we are living in a borrowed house. There are 5 bar stools and an extra small regular bed that we sleep on. The former bishop owned the house and moved to main land for his company. They are trying to sell it and we can stay here as long as it is vacant. The Relief Society President, Sister Karratti kindly brought us towels, plates, forks, some utensils, bowls and a frying pan. It is so interesting what you take for granted when you have it at home and then move somewhere without thought of what you might need. We run to Lihue everyday for something else we need. It is a 26 mile trip on a 2 lane road. It takes about 40 minutes. Oh, the reason we are here in this house is I refused to live in the missionary pad. It is scary, I mean scary and filthy. The missionaries think it is a palace.... Help.

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  1. Loved hearing about your adventures. We missed you at the office Christmas Dinner, but know you're doing something special for your life as well as others. Love to you both, Diane

    P.S. We're digging out of the snow while you enjoy the sunshine