Friday, March 30, 2012

Duke's With the Inouyes.

We had the most wonderful evening tonight. We took our dear friends George and Matilda to Duke's for a farewell dinner. We met them when we first arrived and have been friends since then. They had just returned to activity and we met with them every week for a little scripture study and lesson. George has been so kind to us and brings us food and drinks and generally sees if we need anything. We laughed and talked the night away. George is such a jokester. We dined on shrimp scampi and sword fish and even had a wonderful huge piece of "hula pie" for dessert. Mmmmm, must put that in my memory bank forever. As we drove home we thanked each other for a wonderful year and a half of memories and friendship. What can we say but they have left footprints on our hearts forever.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shelbri's Baptism.

When we taught Shelbri, Dayla and Palani tonight they surprised us by saying Shelbri was going to be baptized next Saturday. Double surprise and honor for us, they asked Wally to baptize her because we have brought the gospel into their lives and they are so happy that we have been teaching them. We say what a blessing for us. What a wonderful family they are. We also found out earlier in the day that Ula is going to be baptized the same day. We taught her the baptism lessons also. Her mother rode her bike over to the house to tell us and invite us to come. I will be making the programs and this is the picture I am putting on the front cover. I was so happy to find one of a Hawaiian girl to use. How beautiful with the palm tree and ocean.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Relief Society in the Dark.

Today was quite a busy day for me. Wally stayed home all day by himself and he had a great time. He didn't do anything but water our papaya and banana tree orchard and watch tv. This morning I went to help at the Kekaha School with student voting at noon and then over to Sister Colleen's in the afternoon with Maxine. Colleen knew we were both crafters so she wanted us to see her new craft room. We had a wonderful afternoon making beautiful yarn leis and visiting and eating yummy somein salad. Then I rushed off to do a little V.T. before picking up Teresa, Bonni and Lois so we could go up to Kalaheo for a combined ward R.S. Birthday Party. As we were traveling to Kalaheo all of a sudden all the lights of town flickered and went out. I called Wally and asked him how it was in Kekaha. He said it was dark. I asked him if he had a flash light and he said he did. No tv but he had his ipad and he was playing Bejeweled so he was content. We got to Kalaheo and the lights were out but we had our party anyway using battery operated candles on all the tables. Luckily all the food was cooked in crock pots so it stayed hot. Alas, there was no dessert because the cupcakes were in the oven at the time of the outage. It was a wonderful evening and we weren't disappointed with the lighting. We found out later that it was island wide. It lasted about 3 hours or more with all the flickering on and off. Just as we were about to finish our meeting the lights came on. The picture above is of Brother Young 1st counselor in our Bishopric singing with his mother and sister who are in the Kalaheo Ward. They all have beautiful voices and many years ago used to sing at the famous Coco Palms Hotel.
When I finally got home I found out our good neighbors Willy and Kawehi brought Wally a candle and some matches so he wasn't totally in the dark. How nice to have good neighbors who look out for you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dinner and Good Bye Visit.

Our good friends Tad and Teresa go home to Canada this week. The only day for a good bye visit and dinner was tonight. We always have a sunset walk on the beach with them on Mondays but this week we had a lesson so we changed it for Tuesday. Usually Teresa serves us dinner. This week we wanted them to come to our place. We had chicken enchiladas, salad, garlic bread, with a wonderful (if I say so myself) lemon pudding cake for dessert. We had a wonderful walk and visit. We are going to miss this wonderful friendship. Dad and I were talking the other day and remembering that we could hardly wait for them to get here Nov. 1st and now they are on their way home after 5 months. We took their picture with the lei's the ward gave them on Sunday. We sang Aloha'oe to them and they were quite touched. I think they even shed a tear or two. They were surprised that the ward cared about them and noticed they were leaving. How our lives have changed forever by this mission. How grateful we are for all the wonderful people that have come into our lives.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rogue Wave.

What a great week it has been! Jeffrey, Jarrica and family leave this evening. They came down to go to church with us this morning. It was fun to have them meet our friends in the ward. We had a nice lunch after church and decided to go down to walk on the Kekaha Beach so the kids could see our "wild" beach. They have spent the whole week on groomed beaches and we wanted them to see the other side of things. They had all their bags with them and because check out at the Marriott was 10:00 a.m. and they didn't have to be at the airport until 7:00 p.m. We walked on the beach for a few minutes and then sat down to watch Andrew play in the water. We were all sitting on a sand bar. We thought we were well out of the water's reach. Wouldn't you know a rogue wave came crashing in and covered us all in water and sand head to foot. We were shocked. Our clothes were soaked and full of sand. We all screamed and laughed! We couldn't believe it. Off to our little house we went so we could shake out the sand and put clothes in the dryer and everyone could shower before they had to go to the airport. After they left we prepared a lesson for a new investigator meeting and dinner at the Blevin's. Kekoa's fiance wants to have the lessons before they get married so we met at his parent's place to share The Good News!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Turtles and Shave Ice.

We spent the morning at the Sheraton end of the public beach. We got all set up on the sand and the kids were ready to go swimming when a huge black cloud raced across the sky and just dumped on us. It poured for about 5 minutes, enough time for everyone to run for shelter and then it stopped. You can count on that here on Kauai. It will rain but only for a few minutes and the weather will be beautiful again. It never gets cold so the rain isn't really a big deal. When everyone finished swimming we went to Tropical Burgers for lunch. Yummm. Great burgers with any kind of topping. For the afternoon everyone wanted to go back to Poipu to snorkel. It was a great afternoon and I have been wanting to see the turtles that always swim there. Everyone talks about them but I have never seen them. Today was my lucky day. There were 2 having a great time riding the waves and eating seaweed. They crawled on the rocks at the edge of the beach and caught the waves riding back and forth. It was a great sight to see. On the way out we stopped in old Koloa Town for shave ice. The kids have tried every shave ice place on the island and have deemed the little green shack in Koloa the very best! We wanted a great place to eat tonight and so I suggested Garden Isle B-B-Q and Chinese Restaurant. You eat family style at huge round tables with lazy susans in the middle so you can whirl the food around the table without lifting a plate. We were the only haoli's in the place. It was so funny. We ordered 7 different items and rice and chow mien. We ate every bite with only a few scraps left over. It was great and we all went home full of yummy food and exhausted. What a fun and busy day!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kilauea Lighthouse and Secret Beach.

Today was a day to head back up to try and see the Kilauea Lighthouse and the bird refuge. The other day we were sent on a detour because Hdot was working on the road that led to the road that led to the lighthouse. Got that? Jarr and I figured out a way to get to the lighthouse road and we made it. They have finished renovating the lighthouse and all the scaffolding was down and it looked beautiful. The sky was blue and the trade winds were brisk and the sea was rough. We were a little disappointed because we didn't see any whales but there were plenty of birds.
After we finished at the lighthouse we went down the other side and hiked down to Secret Beach.
Bonnie and Henry Yeates had told us about it. They said they had a good hike saw some wonderful sea caves. The hike was muddy for us because it had been raining earlier and their was still a surf watch for rough seas.
We did enjoy our hike down mud and all. The kids found a hiking stick for me and that helped to to make me feel steadier. Going down is hard for me but going back up is a breeze. We all enjoyed the hike. When we got down to the beach we stopped for a picture then Wally and I sat down on the lava rocks and watched the surf as Jeffrey, Jarrica, Emily, Katie and Andrew headed for the caves. They ended up coming back without going into the caves because the water was too rough and really pounding up into the caves. Since there was no sand area by the sea caves we spent the afternoon at Kahili Beach just down the road playing on the beach and in the water having a great time together.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NaPali Coast.

This is the second time we have been on a cruise up the NaPali Coast. This time though, the sea was rough. I mean really rough! A member of the crew told us that they had no warning about the swells and were very surprised by them. One half of our tour group was sick and throwing up. It was that rocking and rolling. Jeffrey and Jarrica were supposed to go snorkeling and the captain had to tell us that it wouldn't happen on this trip. Another ship radioed that they had put 6 people in the water but had to take them right back out.
However, the whales and dolphins were having a swimmingly good time. We had some wonderful sightings. It was so exciting. A mother and baby swam right up close and personal. And another whale swam under and up on the other side of the boat. The dolphins were putting on a show out in front of the boat jumping and dancing on the water.
The sky was blue and the clouds were fluffy and white. We were able to put up a sail and actually turn the motor down and use it to sail with the wind. Because the water was so rough we couldn't get right up to the cliffs and caves but we still had a good trip and enjoyed it very much. Our high councilman Bro. Dente's son, Taylor, was part of the crew and it was fun to visit with him and get to know him. The food, breakfast and lunch, was excellent. I did feel so sorry for those who were sick though, because they couldn't enjoy the trip or get their money back. After the cruise we spent the rest of the day sitting in a chaise lounge, in front of the hotel, on the beach watching an NCL cruise ship dock in the Nawiliwili Harbor.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Waimea Canyon, Puka Dogs and Monk Seals.

After breakfast we headed to the south end of the island and up to Waimea Canyon. Here is the standard family picture at the 1st look out. I took one of Jon's family in this same spot in December and will take Brandon's family here too in April, if they let me. Well, by the time we got to the very top where we could look out over the Kalalau Valley it was too misty to see anything. We couldn't even hike down the trail for a bit. Sometimes if you wait the mist will clear but it just kept rolling in today so we gave up and headed down.
We decided to go to Poipu'u for lunch and to spend the afternoon at the beach. We ate at the Puka Dog. Puka means hole, so the buns are a roll of bread with a hole in the middle. The hot dog and special sauce is put down in the hole. They are yummy and you can have either sweet or spicy sauces and relish with your hot dog. They also make the best lemonade at the Puka Dog. It is a fun place to eat if you like hot dogs that is.
After lunch we headed for the Poipu'u Beach for swimming and snorkeling. The weather was good and 2 huge Monk seal's had taken up residence. They are protected by law and very aggressive so when they show up on the beach ropes and cones are put up around them and you can't get too close. They know where the best beaches are and they love to take up space. After a good swim we headed back through old Koloa Town to find a shave ice place for the kids. For dinner we ate at Duke's in the bare foot bar and grill. It's so much fun to eat at an outside cafe on the beach. Oh, are we going to miss beautiful weather, outside dining and flip flops.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Queen's Bath and Tacos at Princeville.

Beautiful family picture in Queen's Bath. Wow, the weather held up and the water was smooth as glass so the kids could actually swim in the pool. Last time we were here the water was so rough it was breaking up over the rocks and it was scary. 29 people have actually died here because of the rough seas and under tow.
Here is a great picture of Andrew just jumping off. Emily is next. We had a good time. The hike was muddy and slippery but so worth it when we finally got down to the water. When we finished we headed to the shopping center to get band aids and neosporin for a cut on Andrew's leg and Jeffrey's toe. Then we stopped to eat at Frederico's , a little Mexican food shop with outside dining. The food is fantastic there and because we were so hungry it tasted even better. After lunch we headed for Hanalei Bay and then Anini Beach to swim for a little bit. The weather was beautiful and both beaches were excellent. On the way home we went up the Wailua Valley and stopped at the Opaeka'a Falls for some pictures and a look down on the Wailua River. We had sandwiches for dinner in our hotel room and that left time for night swimming and the hot tub!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jeffrey, Jarrica, Emily, Katie and Andrew.

Jeffrey, Jarrica and family arrived today. They almost missed the plane from Oahu though! The valet left the door of their rental car open when he was starting the car and someone backed out right into it and dinged it good! The police and the Marriott at Waikiki kept asking Jeffrey for his insurance but he said " I'm not giving it to you. I didn't get in the accident." Well, finally they got it settled and they hurried to the airport. As they were entering the airport they were being paged to get on the plane. They were the very last to board. They got here at 11:00 and couldn't get into The Marriott until 3:00 so they came down to Kekaha to see our missionary digs and the town. We fed them lunch and then toured the town, Jarr wanted to see where we used to live and the Hawaiian Cemetery. Then we got the car packed up and headed back to Lihue to check in. We have adjoining rooms. We are so lucky. We also have a beautiful ocean view! It is going to be a fun week. We are going to enjoy it especially because we don't get to be with their family a lot since they moved to Arizona.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mom Wants to See You!

Finally, I have a picture of Sweet Elizabeth to show you. Remember, she is 84 and the total care giver of her husband. Well, she called Vince the other day and said "I need to see my missionaries." We went over for a visit and gave a short scripture lesson. We love her and she loves us. She likes to visit and loves talking about the Savior. She has such great faith. I wish she could be baptized. Maybe one day Vince can baptize her. We are sorry we will only have one or two more visits with her. We will never forget her and her great faith. When we asked her to read the Book of Mormon she did as well as all of the standard works. Wow! Wish it was that easy with everyone.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Breakfast With President and Sister Dalton.

President and Sister Dalton did interviews a little differently this time around. They went to see every missionary personally instead at the church. We knew they were coming to Kauai today but didn't know whether we would see them first or last. They arrived on island about 9:00 a.m. Elder Menlove, the AP called and asked if they could come here first. They would be in Kekaha in about half an hour and they would like to take us out to breakfast. Wally and I decided to fix breakfast here at home. There isn't anywhere to take them to eat in Kekaha. We made blueberry pancakes, eggs, fresh fruit with either POG or milk to drink. When they walked in the door we surprised them with breakfast already prepared. They were shocked but were very hungry and we; 2 AP's and the Dalton's all sat down and ate every bit we had cooked. We had such a good visit. They stayed for about 2 1/2 hours. They were behind schedule but oh, well. We were supposed to go to a conference in Oahu on April 4th but we have had that particular training. President told us we didn't need to go and we saved the mission $4oo dollars. They planned to meet us early evening before our flight home on May 1st to take us to dinner and say good bye but got a call saying they had a Mission President's conference on the mainland. We will fly straight home now and maybe see them when they get home next summer. We have really enjoyed getting to know them. What outstanding mission leaders they are.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dayla, Shelbri, and Palani.

We are teaching the missionary discussions to Dayla, Shelbri and Palani. Dayla is a member but wants the lessons again and wants to share the gospel with her fiance Palani. Shelbri is 8 and we teach her a baptism lesson every time we visit. We think she will be baptized before we leave but maybe she will wait for Palani because they wanted to share that special day. She also gets the primary version of the adult lesson we teach to Palani. Palani wants to be baptized as soon as he can. Dayla and Palani will be married in September and he has set his baptism date for October. They have already asked us if we will come back for the wedding. We have such a delightful time every time we go to teach. They accept and love everything we share with them and are faithful coming to church and primary. They try hard to make Sunday a special family day. We love them so much! They are so kind to us and feed us a yummy dinner after every lesson. Shelbri made dessert for us tonight . It was Rice Krispie Treats. Sooooo yummy Shelbri, good job!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Elders and a New Sister.

All the companionship's but ours changed this time. Wow! (What would Wally have done if I had gone?) Left to right: Elder Porter a new ZL from Lindon, Elder Kopischke our new "water boy" from Germany, Sister Wright brand new out from Heber, Elder Shipley from Texas. You never know what is going to happen at transfer time. Like I have said so many times before these young people are wonderful and are such fun to work with. I am sure "Miracle March" will see some great blessings in Kauai. We can't believe we will only see one more transfer before we leave. Can you believe nearly 18 months has gone by? All of a sudden the time seems to have flown. We picked up the sisters from Toyota where they left their car for its oil change. We took them to our district meeting and then back to pick up their car afterwards. Then we all went to the food court at the mall for our mission lunch. It's always fun to eat out together where we meet all kinds of people from the Kauai Stake. We enjoy being all together and having a good time. We will miss being grandpa and grandma to all these sisters and elders.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sand Up To Our Knees.

It was another great P-day. We did all the normal things: car, cleaned the house, laundry etc. Tonight though we had our sunset walk with Tad and Teresa. It was a fun walk but the water was rough and we sunk (is that a word) up to our knees in the sand. It was quite a walk and took a long time. I teased everyone that we walked twice as far because of how far down our feet went. We walked all the way to the base and put a line in the sand and crossed it. We laughed at how the security cameras could see us and wondered if they would come and chase us off. We were exhausted when we got home. This surely had to take some extra calories,right? We are treasuring these last few Monday walks because Tad and Teresa leave for Canada on April 1st. This is probably the last few times we will see them. They are wonderful friends and we are so glad someone just happened to ask Wally if we met the other people from Canada. If we hadn't gone up to their house and introduced ourselves we would have missed out on a lovely friendship.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lois Confirmed Today.

What a wonderful Fast and Testimony Meeting we had today! First of all, Lois was confirmed by Wally. It was such a joyous occasion. She just beamed as you can tell by her picture. She is so happy and couldn't keep from smiling. When testimonies were being given she asked Vince to mention how thankful she was for her testimony and when she felt a little more at ease she would bear her own. She is so shy but seems to be coming out more and more all the time. In Relief Society she even gave a comment today and that was surprising to herself. We laughed and teased about that. I told her she was going to end up being the teacher. We are so glad to know her and to have been able to watch her progression in her testimony and the gospel. The blessing for us is that we can take a longer time with our investigators if they need it. Patience, love, friendship and support have been a blessing to all of us. I know Heavenly Father hears our pleas and answers our prayers. Lois and Vince we love you.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Great Visit with Auntie Ulu.

We had a great visit with Auntie Ulu today. She spent the morning with us and told us so many wonderful things about the history of Kekaha and her family. It was fascinating. Her family originally lived out by the Monkey Pod Tree on the road to Polihale. When the Knudsen's came and brought dirt into the swampy land so they could grow sugar cane they made Auntie's family pack up their house and move it because it was in the way. They had to leave their family graveyard and hula awai (school). Students came from all over the island to learn the traditional hula from her great grandfather. The alii would come and choose their wives from his most beautiful students. She told us that there were no roads in Kekaha when she was young. Just the cane road up by the mountains. That there were great sand dunes down by the ocean where the main road through town is now. That the landing strip for airplanes used to be out at Mana. The Mormon church used to be down by the ocean where St. Teresa's is and it was like a little one room school house. Before her family met the missionaries and joined the church their family god was the shark. Auntie Ulu is a stalwart of the ward and we have been blessed to know her and share her testimony of the gospel.

You can hardly see it in this tree but Auntie gave me a little piece of air fern. I forget the Hawaiian name for it. Everyone has it growing in their yards. It is meant to bring good luck. She gave me a piece to hang in my tree. I wonder if I could mail it home to myself and try to grow it in Utah?

Well, coconut trees, banana trees, squash, air ferns and now a pineapple. I know it will take time but I just couldn't resist planting it when Willy showed me his little pineapple. He showed me how to pull off the bottom leaves and prepare my start for planting so that's what I did. I will take pictures before I go home and see if there is any difference in anything. It's fun to try anyway. It must be because about this time every year I get the urge to plant things. Over here though I don't have to wait until after Mother's Day.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

BYU Hawaii and the Shaka Steel Band.

It rained again today. Is that 8 days now? The hills look wonderful. It will be beautiful when Jeffrey, Brandon and their families get here. We have known for a week that the BYU Hawaii Steel Band was coming. They love Kekaha so they gave a special concert for just our ward. We felt special. We met 2 young ladies from Orem and Provo. It was fun to talk to them. They loved meeting senior missionaries and told us they came here to school to have a change of scenery. What a change! Of course, we had a potluck dinner for them and then they played for us for an hour. It is amazing that 1/2 a steel drum is hammered and dents are put in certain places and those produce notes. It takes 1 drum for the high notes but 2 for the mid range and lower notes. They played all kinds of music; Calypso, Jamaican, Classical , show tunes. Wow! Couldn't believe what they could get out of those drums. We clapped, cheered and gave them a standing ovation! Then ward members took them home to bed and sent them on their way in the morning after breakfast so the rest of the island could enjoy them.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Halo Around the Moon and a Falling Star.

This will be the last time we will be taking a sister to the airport at 4:30 in the morning and then waiting for 3 hours for her replacement. I am a temporary missionary companion you know. Good bye Sister Parkin. What fun it has been working with you. 6 1/2 months working together is a long time. Like you said last district meeting it is hard to role play real investigators when you know us so well! We giggle a little to much... As we got in the car ready to go we noticed that there was a halo around the moon. Channel 5 would always warn us of storms when there were halos around the moon. Does this mean more rain? Funny we thought of that. Then as we got up to Kalaheo almost to the sisters apartment we saw a falling star. It was beautiful! Never thought I would say it was beautiful at 4:30 am with so little sleep.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

'Opaeka'a Falls, Wailua

Today was apartment and car checks. 6 weeks have gone by so quickly. We can't believe it. Sister Parkin goes home tomorrow. She is excited and can hardly wait. She has loved working in Kalaheo Ward though and will miss working with the members. It rained all day as we were traveling from one town to the next to check on the missionaries. The bridge at Hanalei has been closed several times as well as Half Way Bridge in Lihue. Some members from Kekaha were taking their daughter to the airport and were stopped at the bridge. It was lucky she had an iphone and could change her flight so she could make it home. It cost her a little but at least she didn't lose all her money. Our lesson for tonight was rescheduled. People really hunker down with all the rain. Oh, this is a picture of the beautiful falls up the Wailua Valley. We took a side trip up the valley on the way home because we heard they were really full. They are so beautiful anytime but with all this rain what a sight. They seem to be pouring straight out and down. They are really majestic at 151 feet high.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Rain, Rain Here to Stay!

The flood waters are rising! It has been raining for at least a week now. We get lots down here in Kekaha for a change. I think "they" say we have gotten 14 1/2 inches in 3 days which is about the rainfall for a year usually. The rest of the island is flooding. It rains there more than just part of the day. I took this picture in Kapaa at Coconut Grove shopping center. I'm sure it will get deeper before the rain quits. All the ditches to the ocean have been opened and that is what keeps Kekaha from floating away. We read with the 4th grade for the first time in 3 weeks and because of school breaks and holidays it will be another 3 before we read again. They seem to have so many days off here. Wally and Bro. C were called to give a blessing today. They are free in the day and people seem to call them for help. They make a good team and enjoy working together to give service to others.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stake Conference.

I thought you might like to see one more wedding picture. Here we are Bonni and I, the wedding planners, with the lovely Lois. Today was Stake Conference and it poured rain all day. Bishop and Sister Akita called us this morning and asked us to ride over with them. Originally we were supposed to have a video feed to our building but the lip syncing didn't work and so we had to go into Lihue to the Convention Center. President Gonsalves joked during his talk that he prayed for thunder and lightning to make some points during his talk. Just as he said that there was a big thunder and you could hear rain pounding on the roof. Everyone laughed. Talk about timing. The streets are flooding and we have a flash flood alert all over the island. If you are listed in the phone book they even called you to tell you not to go out today! We are even supposed to have high swells from the ocean on the west side. Last night when we were driving home from the adult session of conference the rain was so bad, clear until Kalaheo, we could hardly see the road even with the windshield wipers going as fast as they could. I have never seen rain like this. I think weather reports call for this storm to last through at least Tuesday. I wonder if this will work its way up through Utah. You know the pineapple express.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wedding and a Baptism!

Mr. and Mrs. Vince and Lois Rita Palacio were married today March 3, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. by Bishop Darick Akita. What a wonderful ceremony. It was small and intimate with just immediate family attending. Oh, and Wally, me and Bonni. We feel like family though. Poor Lois called us yesterday afternoon and she had a flu bug so last night Wally and Bro. C. went and administered to her. After that she was able to rest and rehydrate and be ready for today. I must say she looked radiant. Heavenly Father has blessed her so much. We knew she would be ok and she is. She told me it was time, that she has loved Vince and has been waiting for this for 28 years. When they saw the Cultural Hall and the Cake they couldn't believe what we had done for them. They were so happy with it and so surprised.

After a lovely and delicious luncheon of rice, kalua pork, b-b-q ribs, chicken, saimen salad, macaroni potato salad,sushi rolls, veggie and fruit trays we got ready for Lois' baptism at 1:00. Some family had to leave and some stayed. A few ward members and friends came. It was beautiful as a new husband baptized his new bride. Vince was so happy and Lois was just beaming. It brought tears of joy to every one's eyes. Bonni talked on baptism, Kunane played the interlude music and I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. Then Bishop Akita got up to give the closing remarks and said " I would like to give a few remarks and feel to call upon Sister Fairbanks to give the closing remarks. "SHOCK" can he do that? I don't close things like this. Well, I did but I gave Elder Wally the high sign and he came up with me and we did it together. I was a nervous but with Wally by my side I was able to say a few words and bear testimony of my love of the gospel and how happy I was that we were able to give this great gift to Lois because we love her and want her to have all the joy, peace and love the gospel can bring. The Zone Elders came down to share the baptism with us. We had food left over from the luncheon so we invited anyone who wanted to share food with us to come in and eat again or for the first time. This was the 3rd baptism today for the ZL's and they were starving. They had good food and a good visit with everyone. What more can I say than it was a Very Special Day!

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Day of Love and Service.

Bonni, Dad and I spent the day setting up the Cultural Hall for the wedding tomorrow. Wall mopped the floor and set up tables. I got the flower arrangements finished. Bonnie made this wonderful collage for Vince and Lois. Then we got together and placed the tables and set them all up. After everything was decorated and set up we started on some of the food. We got fruit and veggies cut up and bagged and then went over to Bonni's to start working on the cake. We amazed ourselves. Bonni made a red velvet cake for the bottom layer and I worked on a yellow coconut for the top layer.

This picture doesn't show the table very well but the lace table cloths with green runners and these bouquets of flowers looked really nice. We sectioned off the hall so the eating area was small and intimate and it worked out really well. We are expecting about 30 people. Even Wally who doesn't notice color or anything at wedding receptions commented on how nice it looked.

This is our attempt at cake decorating. We will add more live flowers just before the wedding. It has been fun but nerve wracking at the same time. We want this to be so nice for Vince and Lois. They don't have any idea what we are doing. We said leave everything to us. Tomorrow is going to be absolutely wonderful. I know it will be a perfect day for both of them. For us too.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Melon in My Garden.

Well the watering, weeding and tending has paid off. We have a melon in our garden. We are so excited. We didn't even know it was there but as I was weeding again this morning there it was under a leaf. We don't know what kind it is so it will be fun to see if it ripens before we leave, that is. The banana trees and papaya trees are doing really well too. It doesn't hurt that it has been raining everyday. Wahoo! Kekaha is really greening up. Wally is still practicing away on the Uke. We played and sang with Brother C this morning. We had a good laugh about "them" calling us White Hawaiians at the Kanikapila. Ask Jon if he still has the video of Dad playing and singing and you can hear what I am talking about in the video. What a compliment for us.