Thursday, March 1, 2012

Melon in My Garden.

Well the watering, weeding and tending has paid off. We have a melon in our garden. We are so excited. We didn't even know it was there but as I was weeding again this morning there it was under a leaf. We don't know what kind it is so it will be fun to see if it ripens before we leave, that is. The banana trees and papaya trees are doing really well too. It doesn't hurt that it has been raining everyday. Wahoo! Kekaha is really greening up. Wally is still practicing away on the Uke. We played and sang with Brother C this morning. We had a good laugh about "them" calling us White Hawaiians at the Kanikapila. Ask Jon if he still has the video of Dad playing and singing and you can hear what I am talking about in the video. What a compliment for us.

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