Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dayla, Shelbri, and Palani.

We are teaching the missionary discussions to Dayla, Shelbri and Palani. Dayla is a member but wants the lessons again and wants to share the gospel with her fiance Palani. Shelbri is 8 and we teach her a baptism lesson every time we visit. We think she will be baptized before we leave but maybe she will wait for Palani because they wanted to share that special day. She also gets the primary version of the adult lesson we teach to Palani. Palani wants to be baptized as soon as he can. Dayla and Palani will be married in September and he has set his baptism date for October. They have already asked us if we will come back for the wedding. We have such a delightful time every time we go to teach. They accept and love everything we share with them and are faithful coming to church and primary. They try hard to make Sunday a special family day. We love them so much! They are so kind to us and feed us a yummy dinner after every lesson. Shelbri made dessert for us tonight . It was Rice Krispie Treats. Sooooo yummy Shelbri, good job!

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