Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Waimea Canyon, Puka Dogs and Monk Seals.

After breakfast we headed to the south end of the island and up to Waimea Canyon. Here is the standard family picture at the 1st look out. I took one of Jon's family in this same spot in December and will take Brandon's family here too in April, if they let me. Well, by the time we got to the very top where we could look out over the Kalalau Valley it was too misty to see anything. We couldn't even hike down the trail for a bit. Sometimes if you wait the mist will clear but it just kept rolling in today so we gave up and headed down.
We decided to go to Poipu'u for lunch and to spend the afternoon at the beach. We ate at the Puka Dog. Puka means hole, so the buns are a roll of bread with a hole in the middle. The hot dog and special sauce is put down in the hole. They are yummy and you can have either sweet or spicy sauces and relish with your hot dog. They also make the best lemonade at the Puka Dog. It is a fun place to eat if you like hot dogs that is.
After lunch we headed for the Poipu'u Beach for swimming and snorkeling. The weather was good and 2 huge Monk seal's had taken up residence. They are protected by law and very aggressive so when they show up on the beach ropes and cones are put up around them and you can't get too close. They know where the best beaches are and they love to take up space. After a good swim we headed back through old Koloa Town to find a shave ice place for the kids. For dinner we ate at Duke's in the bare foot bar and grill. It's so much fun to eat at an outside cafe on the beach. Oh, are we going to miss beautiful weather, outside dining and flip flops.

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