Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jeffrey, Jarrica, Emily, Katie and Andrew.

Jeffrey, Jarrica and family arrived today. They almost missed the plane from Oahu though! The valet left the door of their rental car open when he was starting the car and someone backed out right into it and dinged it good! The police and the Marriott at Waikiki kept asking Jeffrey for his insurance but he said " I'm not giving it to you. I didn't get in the accident." Well, finally they got it settled and they hurried to the airport. As they were entering the airport they were being paged to get on the plane. They were the very last to board. They got here at 11:00 and couldn't get into The Marriott until 3:00 so they came down to Kekaha to see our missionary digs and the town. We fed them lunch and then toured the town, Jarr wanted to see where we used to live and the Hawaiian Cemetery. Then we got the car packed up and headed back to Lihue to check in. We have adjoining rooms. We are so lucky. We also have a beautiful ocean view! It is going to be a fun week. We are going to enjoy it especially because we don't get to be with their family a lot since they moved to Arizona.

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