Monday, March 12, 2012

Sand Up To Our Knees.

It was another great P-day. We did all the normal things: car, cleaned the house, laundry etc. Tonight though we had our sunset walk with Tad and Teresa. It was a fun walk but the water was rough and we sunk (is that a word) up to our knees in the sand. It was quite a walk and took a long time. I teased everyone that we walked twice as far because of how far down our feet went. We walked all the way to the base and put a line in the sand and crossed it. We laughed at how the security cameras could see us and wondered if they would come and chase us off. We were exhausted when we got home. This surely had to take some extra calories,right? We are treasuring these last few Monday walks because Tad and Teresa leave for Canada on April 1st. This is probably the last few times we will see them. They are wonderful friends and we are so glad someone just happened to ask Wally if we met the other people from Canada. If we hadn't gone up to their house and introduced ourselves we would have missed out on a lovely friendship.

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