Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kilauea Lighthouse and Secret Beach.

Today was a day to head back up to try and see the Kilauea Lighthouse and the bird refuge. The other day we were sent on a detour because Hdot was working on the road that led to the road that led to the lighthouse. Got that? Jarr and I figured out a way to get to the lighthouse road and we made it. They have finished renovating the lighthouse and all the scaffolding was down and it looked beautiful. The sky was blue and the trade winds were brisk and the sea was rough. We were a little disappointed because we didn't see any whales but there were plenty of birds.
After we finished at the lighthouse we went down the other side and hiked down to Secret Beach.
Bonnie and Henry Yeates had told us about it. They said they had a good hike saw some wonderful sea caves. The hike was muddy for us because it had been raining earlier and their was still a surf watch for rough seas.
We did enjoy our hike down mud and all. The kids found a hiking stick for me and that helped to to make me feel steadier. Going down is hard for me but going back up is a breeze. We all enjoyed the hike. When we got down to the beach we stopped for a picture then Wally and I sat down on the lava rocks and watched the surf as Jeffrey, Jarrica, Emily, Katie and Andrew headed for the caves. They ended up coming back without going into the caves because the water was too rough and really pounding up into the caves. Since there was no sand area by the sea caves we spent the afternoon at Kahili Beach just down the road playing on the beach and in the water having a great time together.

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