Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dinner and Good Bye Visit.

Our good friends Tad and Teresa go home to Canada this week. The only day for a good bye visit and dinner was tonight. We always have a sunset walk on the beach with them on Mondays but this week we had a lesson so we changed it for Tuesday. Usually Teresa serves us dinner. This week we wanted them to come to our place. We had chicken enchiladas, salad, garlic bread, with a wonderful (if I say so myself) lemon pudding cake for dessert. We had a wonderful walk and visit. We are going to miss this wonderful friendship. Dad and I were talking the other day and remembering that we could hardly wait for them to get here Nov. 1st and now they are on their way home after 5 months. We took their picture with the lei's the ward gave them on Sunday. We sang Aloha'oe to them and they were quite touched. I think they even shed a tear or two. They were surprised that the ward cared about them and noticed they were leaving. How our lives have changed forever by this mission. How grateful we are for all the wonderful people that have come into our lives.

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