Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wedding and a Baptism!

Mr. and Mrs. Vince and Lois Rita Palacio were married today March 3, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. by Bishop Darick Akita. What a wonderful ceremony. It was small and intimate with just immediate family attending. Oh, and Wally, me and Bonni. We feel like family though. Poor Lois called us yesterday afternoon and she had a flu bug so last night Wally and Bro. C. went and administered to her. After that she was able to rest and rehydrate and be ready for today. I must say she looked radiant. Heavenly Father has blessed her so much. We knew she would be ok and she is. She told me it was time, that she has loved Vince and has been waiting for this for 28 years. When they saw the Cultural Hall and the Cake they couldn't believe what we had done for them. They were so happy with it and so surprised.

After a lovely and delicious luncheon of rice, kalua pork, b-b-q ribs, chicken, saimen salad, macaroni potato salad,sushi rolls, veggie and fruit trays we got ready for Lois' baptism at 1:00. Some family had to leave and some stayed. A few ward members and friends came. It was beautiful as a new husband baptized his new bride. Vince was so happy and Lois was just beaming. It brought tears of joy to every one's eyes. Bonni talked on baptism, Kunane played the interlude music and I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. Then Bishop Akita got up to give the closing remarks and said " I would like to give a few remarks and feel to call upon Sister Fairbanks to give the closing remarks. "SHOCK" can he do that? I don't close things like this. Well, I did but I gave Elder Wally the high sign and he came up with me and we did it together. I was a nervous but with Wally by my side I was able to say a few words and bear testimony of my love of the gospel and how happy I was that we were able to give this great gift to Lois because we love her and want her to have all the joy, peace and love the gospel can bring. The Zone Elders came down to share the baptism with us. We had food left over from the luncheon so we invited anyone who wanted to share food with us to come in and eat again or for the first time. This was the 3rd baptism today for the ZL's and they were starving. They had good food and a good visit with everyone. What more can I say than it was a Very Special Day!

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