Friday, March 23, 2012

Turtles and Shave Ice.

We spent the morning at the Sheraton end of the public beach. We got all set up on the sand and the kids were ready to go swimming when a huge black cloud raced across the sky and just dumped on us. It poured for about 5 minutes, enough time for everyone to run for shelter and then it stopped. You can count on that here on Kauai. It will rain but only for a few minutes and the weather will be beautiful again. It never gets cold so the rain isn't really a big deal. When everyone finished swimming we went to Tropical Burgers for lunch. Yummm. Great burgers with any kind of topping. For the afternoon everyone wanted to go back to Poipu to snorkel. It was a great afternoon and I have been wanting to see the turtles that always swim there. Everyone talks about them but I have never seen them. Today was my lucky day. There were 2 having a great time riding the waves and eating seaweed. They crawled on the rocks at the edge of the beach and caught the waves riding back and forth. It was a great sight to see. On the way out we stopped in old Koloa Town for shave ice. The kids have tried every shave ice place on the island and have deemed the little green shack in Koloa the very best! We wanted a great place to eat tonight and so I suggested Garden Isle B-B-Q and Chinese Restaurant. You eat family style at huge round tables with lazy susans in the middle so you can whirl the food around the table without lifting a plate. We were the only haoli's in the place. It was so funny. We ordered 7 different items and rice and chow mien. We ate every bite with only a few scraps left over. It was great and we all went home full of yummy food and exhausted. What a fun and busy day!

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