Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NaPali Coast.

This is the second time we have been on a cruise up the NaPali Coast. This time though, the sea was rough. I mean really rough! A member of the crew told us that they had no warning about the swells and were very surprised by them. One half of our tour group was sick and throwing up. It was that rocking and rolling. Jeffrey and Jarrica were supposed to go snorkeling and the captain had to tell us that it wouldn't happen on this trip. Another ship radioed that they had put 6 people in the water but had to take them right back out.
However, the whales and dolphins were having a swimmingly good time. We had some wonderful sightings. It was so exciting. A mother and baby swam right up close and personal. And another whale swam under and up on the other side of the boat. The dolphins were putting on a show out in front of the boat jumping and dancing on the water.
The sky was blue and the clouds were fluffy and white. We were able to put up a sail and actually turn the motor down and use it to sail with the wind. Because the water was so rough we couldn't get right up to the cliffs and caves but we still had a good trip and enjoyed it very much. Our high councilman Bro. Dente's son, Taylor, was part of the crew and it was fun to visit with him and get to know him. The food, breakfast and lunch, was excellent. I did feel so sorry for those who were sick though, because they couldn't enjoy the trip or get their money back. After the cruise we spent the rest of the day sitting in a chaise lounge, in front of the hotel, on the beach watching an NCL cruise ship dock in the Nawiliwili Harbor.

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