Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Relief Society in the Dark.

Today was quite a busy day for me. Wally stayed home all day by himself and he had a great time. He didn't do anything but water our papaya and banana tree orchard and watch tv. This morning I went to help at the Kekaha School with student voting at noon and then over to Sister Colleen's in the afternoon with Maxine. Colleen knew we were both crafters so she wanted us to see her new craft room. We had a wonderful afternoon making beautiful yarn leis and visiting and eating yummy somein salad. Then I rushed off to do a little V.T. before picking up Teresa, Bonni and Lois so we could go up to Kalaheo for a combined ward R.S. Birthday Party. As we were traveling to Kalaheo all of a sudden all the lights of town flickered and went out. I called Wally and asked him how it was in Kekaha. He said it was dark. I asked him if he had a flash light and he said he did. No tv but he had his ipad and he was playing Bejeweled so he was content. We got to Kalaheo and the lights were out but we had our party anyway using battery operated candles on all the tables. Luckily all the food was cooked in crock pots so it stayed hot. Alas, there was no dessert because the cupcakes were in the oven at the time of the outage. It was a wonderful evening and we weren't disappointed with the lighting. We found out later that it was island wide. It lasted about 3 hours or more with all the flickering on and off. Just as we were about to finish our meeting the lights came on. The picture above is of Brother Young 1st counselor in our Bishopric singing with his mother and sister who are in the Kalaheo Ward. They all have beautiful voices and many years ago used to sing at the famous Coco Palms Hotel.
When I finally got home I found out our good neighbors Willy and Kawehi brought Wally a candle and some matches so he wasn't totally in the dark. How nice to have good neighbors who look out for you.

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