Thursday, March 15, 2012

Breakfast With President and Sister Dalton.

President and Sister Dalton did interviews a little differently this time around. They went to see every missionary personally instead at the church. We knew they were coming to Kauai today but didn't know whether we would see them first or last. They arrived on island about 9:00 a.m. Elder Menlove, the AP called and asked if they could come here first. They would be in Kekaha in about half an hour and they would like to take us out to breakfast. Wally and I decided to fix breakfast here at home. There isn't anywhere to take them to eat in Kekaha. We made blueberry pancakes, eggs, fresh fruit with either POG or milk to drink. When they walked in the door we surprised them with breakfast already prepared. They were shocked but were very hungry and we; 2 AP's and the Dalton's all sat down and ate every bit we had cooked. We had such a good visit. They stayed for about 2 1/2 hours. They were behind schedule but oh, well. We were supposed to go to a conference in Oahu on April 4th but we have had that particular training. President told us we didn't need to go and we saved the mission $4oo dollars. They planned to meet us early evening before our flight home on May 1st to take us to dinner and say good bye but got a call saying they had a Mission President's conference on the mainland. We will fly straight home now and maybe see them when they get home next summer. We have really enjoyed getting to know them. What outstanding mission leaders they are.

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