Thursday, March 8, 2012

BYU Hawaii and the Shaka Steel Band.

It rained again today. Is that 8 days now? The hills look wonderful. It will be beautiful when Jeffrey, Brandon and their families get here. We have known for a week that the BYU Hawaii Steel Band was coming. They love Kekaha so they gave a special concert for just our ward. We felt special. We met 2 young ladies from Orem and Provo. It was fun to talk to them. They loved meeting senior missionaries and told us they came here to school to have a change of scenery. What a change! Of course, we had a potluck dinner for them and then they played for us for an hour. It is amazing that 1/2 a steel drum is hammered and dents are put in certain places and those produce notes. It takes 1 drum for the high notes but 2 for the mid range and lower notes. They played all kinds of music; Calypso, Jamaican, Classical , show tunes. Wow! Couldn't believe what they could get out of those drums. We clapped, cheered and gave them a standing ovation! Then ward members took them home to bed and sent them on their way in the morning after breakfast so the rest of the island could enjoy them.

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