Friday, March 2, 2012

A Day of Love and Service.

Bonni, Dad and I spent the day setting up the Cultural Hall for the wedding tomorrow. Wall mopped the floor and set up tables. I got the flower arrangements finished. Bonnie made this wonderful collage for Vince and Lois. Then we got together and placed the tables and set them all up. After everything was decorated and set up we started on some of the food. We got fruit and veggies cut up and bagged and then went over to Bonni's to start working on the cake. We amazed ourselves. Bonni made a red velvet cake for the bottom layer and I worked on a yellow coconut for the top layer.

This picture doesn't show the table very well but the lace table cloths with green runners and these bouquets of flowers looked really nice. We sectioned off the hall so the eating area was small and intimate and it worked out really well. We are expecting about 30 people. Even Wally who doesn't notice color or anything at wedding receptions commented on how nice it looked.

This is our attempt at cake decorating. We will add more live flowers just before the wedding. It has been fun but nerve wracking at the same time. We want this to be so nice for Vince and Lois. They don't have any idea what we are doing. We said leave everything to us. Tomorrow is going to be absolutely wonderful. I know it will be a perfect day for both of them. For us too.

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