Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shopping and Visiting Members.

Today I went shopping with Maxine in the morning. We are looking for a traditional mu'u mu'u for me to wear home. We also are shopping for wedding "stuff" for Lois' wedding on Saturday. Bonni and I are the "wedding planners" as Vince calls us. This is one of my favorite streets on the island. It is at Makaweli. It is private property and owned by the Robinson's. It is posted so Wally won't take me down it. I didn't know that Maxine grew up on this street and when I asked her to stop so I could take a picture she was thrilled that I was interested. The foremen at the sugar mill lived down this street. It has some great example of plantation cottages here. The home Maxine grew up in is gone though and I was sad I couldn't have see it.

Here at the end of the street is the old G&R Mill. I wish I had a wide lens so I could have taken a picture of the whole thing as well as the stacks. It was fascinating to look at and to hear a little of Maxine's family history as she lived here. Her camp was the Korean workers camp.
After a morning with no success for me but some good luck with wedding purchases we headed home so Wally and I could do our afternoon visits. It rained the whole time we were driving in from Kalaheo to Lihue. Did the rain ever sound crazy on the roof at Costco. We saw Sister Mona Naakahiki but not Sister Kali (she forgot we were coming and went to therapy) this afternoon. They live over in Senior Housing. Such sweet sisters. We love to visit with them. They like to have us come and are very kind to us.

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