Monday, February 13, 2012

Beach Walk.

We had a beautiful walk on the beach this evening. We try to walk with Tad and Teresa on Monday evenings because they will be going home the end of March and we just enjoy their company. We were going to walk all the way to the base but I had lasagna in the oven and we only had an hour and 1/2. The kona winds were blowing and it was a hard walk. The waves were whipping up and we got soaked but it was a fun. Actually, we almost made it back before we got it! We did get back in time to have a perfectly cooked lasagna with green salad, garlic toast and yummy peanut butter bars for dessert. I made the bars this afternoon because we always try to take a treat for the missionaries for our Tues. District Meetings. We had such a good time and will miss T & T when we come home. They are great friends and will leave footprints on our hearts. Oh by the way, we saw whales having a good time jumping and flapping their flukes which also makes walking worthwhile.

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