Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Big Surprises!

We had a full day today and two wonderful surprises!! We went to Kalaheo to teach Elizabeth, Vince's mom. She has finished reading all the standard works and all the pamphlets we have given her. She is so happy to see us and loves the lessons. She also got her hands on the Beginning Reader version of the Book of Mormon and she just loves that. She is so cute. I wonder if we will be able to baptize her before we go home? I worry about her health. In the afternoon we went to sit by the ocean. The surf was high and the surfers were out in record numbers on our beach. It was so much fun to watch them. Wish I could get a really good picture of one of them riding the wave. In the evening we went over to Vince and Lois' for dinner. We gave a review using our Art Book again and read 2 Nephi 31 about the importance of baptism. When we finished and were talking Lois said "We are getting married March 3rd and I want to be baptized before that so that on our year anniversary we can go to the temple to be sealed." " Can we do that?" Wow, what a wonderful surprise. We were all shocked. Even Vince was surprised. You could just see how happy he was. He couldn't stop grinning. He has wanted this so for her but wanted her to decide when so it was her choice. They have decided they will be married on the morning of the 3rd and then she will be baptized in the afternoon. Won't that be a day to remember all their lives?

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