Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yesterday and Today!

Yesterday and today we hoed and watered our squash, banana trees and papaya trees. I did visiting teaching here in Kekaha and then up in the Hanapepe Valley. It is beautiful up there. So glad we have chances to see parts of the island we might not otherwise see. I also got to go and visit one of the R houses. It is beautiful. I know the ladies who were cleaning and they let me slip in and have a peek. It is beautiful. I have always wanted to see it. Every time we pass it I say I wish I knew someone who could take me in there. Well, it turns out I do and I got a look. Fun. I also worked on my Relief Society Work Meeting Card Making Class. I got all the kits put together and all I have to do is get some Sharpies to "stitch" with, some buttons and quick drying glue to use with the news print flowers I am teaching them to make as accents. I hope it will be fun and they will enjoy it. We are making cards for us and cards for the R.S. to keep in the closet to be used by the presidency. It has been fun preparing for it. I am missing all my scrap stuff at home though. I had to buy what I could and hope that works. I think it will. It will just be simple ideas and sketches for things that they might have on hand. We also walked on the beach today hoping we would see some whale action like we did last week. We saw some spouting and a few fins but not much else. And when I tried to get on the blog to finish this today it said someone had changed my password a few days ago. That was a shock. I got it worked out so I could get in again. It made me sad. I thought I had lost everything. Whew!

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