Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The ipad...Happy Valentines Day.

Well, we finally broke down and got an ipad today. It is black and has a very business like black leather cover. I would have chosen white and purple but you know how that would go over in priesthood meeting don't you? Marc and Jeffrey gave us gift cards for Christmas and we wanted an ipad but didn't know if we should get one. We already had i touches and .... Well, we took the plunge. We brought it home and were so excited to use it. It is wifi and who would have thought I would have to remember the password to my router so we could use the silly thing. We were so upset and Wally (and other people) can't believe that I didn't write it down. I did but I sent it home with some other papers for when we get home. Oh well, after a long and hard day of nattering at each other and calling here and there we were able to retrieve the password and get it working. It is so fantastic! We are having a good time with it. Wall insisted it was mine at first(it is our Valentine to each other) and said he wouldn't use it - uh huh. I think we might end up getting another one some time in the future. Oh, technology!!!

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