Friday, February 17, 2012

Hana Ho...

Tonight was our ward Kanikapila or "Hawaiian Style Jam Session". Everyone was to come prepared with guitars, ukulele's, all kinds of instruments. We were going to eat first. What can I say another luau! I took potato salad. Everyone ate it right up. Then we will stay and sing until the "strings break." Part of the reason they have one of these is so that the "old" Hawaiian songs can be passed down to the young ones and don't get lost. The other reason is just for the fun of getting together to play and sing.

Everyone here plays the ukulele. Kids are given one to play with from the time they can hold and strum one. We have grown to love the ukulele and Hawaiian music. I can't tell you how much money Dad has spent trying to find the perfect Hawaiian music cd. I say "Why don't you just down load the songs you like?" "Can I do that?" We really need to get in the swing of things. We sang until about 8:30 when they asked Dad to play and sing because they know he is taking lessons with Bro. C. Dad was nervous but got up, played and sang "You'll Never Find Another Kanaka Like Me." Everyone sang along and clapped and yelled "hana ho" (again). Which tickled Dad.

Finally, Wall and Bro. C. played "Hawaii Aloha and "Aloha-oe" to close. Everyone stood up and got in a big circle and held hands while we sang. It was beautiful. Kind of touched the heart. I think we are really beginning to be loved and accepted here. They love it that we love everything Hawaiian. Especially ukuleles and pidgeon!

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