Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweet Jasmine, Rain and Ugly Beach!

That's quite a title for today's post isn't it? We are still having a lot of rain and I guess more is to come. In fact the rain has been so bad that they have kept all the ditches leading to the ocean open and you should see the line between chocolate ocean and the blue ocean. It is getting wider and wider. Amazing to look at from the road. The debris that has washed up on the beach and down from the mountains makes it hard to walk. It's ugly too. Our poor beach. We were going to have a marshmallow roast on the beach after our sunset walk but have had to put it off again. I hope this weather will be finished by the time Jeffrey and Jarrica get here so they can really see the beauty of this island. The only good thing is all the sweet Jasmine that is blooming. Kawehe gave me big handful from her bush to put in the house. The fragrance if wonderful. What a sweet gift from a dear neighbor.

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