Friday, February 24, 2012

Waimea Town Celebration.

We decided to try the Waimea Town Celebration this year. We didn't go last year because the crowds were crazy and it was hot. It is held in a small area in the town center that used to be the ground of the Waimea Sugar Mill. There are food booths, carnival rides and blow up toys for the kids, some arts and craft booths. These tables are set up in front of a stage area where music is always playing and hula demonstrations go on. Can you see the sign that says Poi Balls? I don't like poi but was told we should try these treats. They were deep fried sweet poi on a stick. Guess what? It was good. Can't believe I said that. We also tried the famous flying saucers. Hmmm.

This young lady won 4th place in the hula competition. She was absolutely beautiful and a wonderful dancer. The hula is so beautiful and graceful. We love to watch it. Wish I could dance like that but guess what. I have watched native dancers and hauli's (I've tried-don't laugh) and there is no comparison. I am not being picky it's just true. We just can't move our hips and hands the same way as they do.

At the city center and museum there was a lei competition and displays of native villages, palm frond weaving and other memorabilia. It was a fun evening even though it was cloudy and starting to rain.

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