Sunday, February 26, 2012

6:05 Crack and Wake Up Call!

At 6:05 this morning there was such a crack of thunder and lightning over our house I jumped right out of bed and screamed! It rained all day yesterday and all night last night and now all day today. We have never heard such thunder here. Yesterday Lois had her baptism interview in Kalaheo and the ZL's had to come down from Lihue. She called and asked if we needed to change the interview because of the storm. We said no it would be alright. It is interesting how a big rain shuts things down here. There weren't very many people at church today. We kind of expected that because we know how people react to the weather. Kind of reminds us of snowy days in Utah. We just heard we had a grand total of 7 inches of rain. Wow! We knew there was a lot. You should see the post office parking lot and the drive ways. Lots of standing water but it will be gone by tomorrow. We have had flood watch for all of Kauai and some road closures up in Hanalei where a bridge was closed and some streams are flowing high but that is about it. We are very grateful down here on this end because now our grass and mountains and plants will be green again. The only down side will be the ocean looking like "chocolate milk" because they had to open all the ditches that lead down into the ocean so that when the rain washed down from the mountains through the old cane fields it wouldn't flood the town.

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