Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Card Making, Service and Sisterhood.

Tonight we had lots of fun at Relief Society. About a month ago the Relief Society Presidency said that they wanted some sisters to help teach the monthly work meetings. I said I would do a card making workshop if they were interested. The idea was that sisters could learn to make cards with a few supplies, save money and start writing hand written messages of love and comfort rather than send a text. Novel idea. Everyone loves to receive a letter they can keep. Especially one that is hand made. The sisters would also make a card for the Relief Society closet so that the presidency would have a supply to use when they needed them. I worked on the pre-made kits for about a month. I bought paper, adhesive, pens, ink, stamps, buttons. I also showed the sisters how to make paper flowers using newsprint from old paper backs. There ended up being about 20 of us there and we talked story, made plenty of cards, laughed and had a good time. When we gave the cards made for the R.S. closet to the president she was so surprised and happy.

We had pot luck pupu's for refreshments and believe me they were yummy. When these sisters are asked to bring food to share they always bring the most delicious things. My favorites tonight were crab dip and crackers and guacamole, oh, to die for. Bonni picked the avocados just before she came. I also liked the broccoli salad and fresh jumbo shrimp. Yum! Help,that's another 2 pounds.

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