Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love our Sunday School Class!

We had a great Sunday today. First of all, Fast and Testimony was so wonderful. The spirit was so strong it really started the day off right. Then we had a full Sunday School class again. We have a sweet young less active sister who has started coming back and wants her daughter to be baptized. She and her fiance have asked us over to give a baptism lesson on Thursday. The great thing about that is he will be there for the lesson and we hope it will touch his heart. They have already told us they are trying to live Sundays as a family. They come to church then have dinner together then do a family activity. It really makes us happy they are putting into practice the things we are sharing is class. We gave a review today using our Gospel Art picture book and it really did make a great review. I had forgotten we brought it. As I was going through some things and cleaning up this week I found it. Everyone in the class loved it. It seems as time gets closer for us to come home more people are wanting to become active again and have the gospel back in their lives. We love teaching together and we are being so blessed for being patient.

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