Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finally We Have Seen Some Whales!

We have been at the Waiohi today for lunch. We were going to go to Keoki's for cashew chicken stir fry but decided last minute we wanted to sit by the ocean to eat. What better place than the Marriott Grill for a Marriott Burger and drink? It was quite breezy but still beautiful today and not many people were out so we had our choice of tables. We sat right under a tree as near as we could get to the ocean. The old Monk Seal was in his usual place taking up good beach front sand. As we sat there all of a sudden the whales decided to play. It was fantastic. I have mentioned before we haven't see any this year. Last year was so wonderful we knew we would have great luck this year. But nothing. Anyway, they were out in full force breeching, slapping their flukes and just having a good time. It was amazing! We asked Alicia our server if we could stay and just watch because it wasn't too busy and she said of course we could. We stayed for a while and really enjoyed the show. On the way home we saw several more from the road jumping way out of the water. When we got to Kekaha we just went straight past our street and over to Mc Carther Park to sit on the rocks to see if anything was going on there. We were pressing our luck but thought we would try. All of a sudden the whales started putting on a show down here. One whale went around in a circle again and again slapping his fluke on the water. We counted 35 times. WOW. This I will miss for sure.

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