Friday, February 3, 2012

Wally and Bro. C Give Blessings.

I snapped this picture as we were driving by this beautiful Tulip Tree. It is that time that all of them are coming into bloom. They are vibrant red orange and just beautiful. This one I love because it has taken over the the telephone and electrical wires right next to it. It has just kind of crept its way along covering them. I wish I could have gotten a better picture but there is no pull out and there were cars behind us. We were on our way home from Lihue doing our weekly shopping when I snapped it. Wall and Bro. C have become the men who give blessings at the hospital for those who are in need. They were called a short while ago by a man from Anahola on the other side of the island because a man who worked for him had his wife in the hospital. Wall and Bro. C. didn't know them but went and offered their services. I guess they did such a good job they were called upon again today. The fellow they blessed isn't a member of the church but needed a blessing and Wally explained to him what it was and told him it would do some good and couldn't hurt him anyway. I am continually amazed by the simple, sweet faith of these people.

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