Monday, February 20, 2012

Lunch With the Sisters.

We take care of the missionaries. We just can't seem to help ourselves. Today we had the sisters over for lunch. We let them go over to the Family History Center (we have church keys) to use the computers to e-mail their families and then they came over and washed their car. Then Wally just had to be chivalrous and help them vacuum out the mess. It was amazing the things he found. Oranges as hard as a rock. An old car freshener a previous sister hid from Sister Parkin because she didn't like it. All kinds of fun stuff! You know Dad he loves a CLEAN car! He even made them clean out the trunk. That was a good idea because we found a baptismal dress in there and we are going to see if it will fit Lois. Maybe she will use it for her baptism on the 3rd. After the sisters left we had a short break then it was off to pick up Tad and Teresa for our Monday sunset beach walk. This week we walked all the way down to the base. We even crossed the don't cross line (just a little step) to see if anyone was watching. Wally drew a line in the sand and we hopped over. LOL. It was a beautiful walk this week. The wind was calm and it only took us 45 min. up and 45 back. Pretty good timing. We had salad left over from lunch with the sisters. I forget they don't eat like the elders, so we took it over to Tad and Teresa's to eat after the walk. They furnished some soup that went lovely with the salad and we had a great time. Wally is also having some wonderful gospel discussions with Tad and we hope that someday the seed that is planted will grow. Let's cross our fingers!

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