Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Busy Day and Kona Crab Fest

We were so busy today! We prepared and taught 2 baptism lessons, I went visiting teaching, Wally did visits with the Bishop. Then we were invited with a group from the ward to the Bishop's house for a crab fest. Bishops son is a fisherman and he went out and caught 80 lbs of Kona crab and gave Bishop a 5 gallon bucket full and sold the rest to Food Land. Crab fishermen get $4.50 a pound for their crabs and we pay $6.50 a pound. Lucky for us we got all we could eat for just going to dinner.

Here we are shelling our crab and picking out the meat. Boy, it is a lot of work for just a little bit of meat. Lots of pulling off legs, gills, prying shells apart and then sucking out the meat on these particular type of crab. They have little clear pieces of shell all through the meat so you just kind of have to pick it apart and suck it out. It is so delicious though with garlic butter. Yummm Oh and you just leave all you mess in front of you on the table and when you're finished you just roll up the newspaper and throw it out.

All these crab have to be measured before the fishermen can keep them. They must be at least 4 inches up and down. Here is the Bishop showing us the measuring tool. It can cause serious trouble for anyone who takes any crab that are too small!

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