Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Baptism Lesson.

I know this is a picture of the ocean but I don't have another picture that I want to use with this post so the ocean will have to do. Hope you like it. It was beautiful today. The wind was blowing and the sea mist was beautiful. The best part of the day though was teaching Shelbrie her baptism lesson. She is a sweet little girl and really enjoyed our games and lesson helping her to understand the principle of baptism. She wants to be baptized and has enjoyed starting to go to primary. We know her family is headed in the right direction by becoming active in the church. We had such a great evening together. We enjoyed dinner after the lesson and Palani told us he wants to work toward baptism himself. He enjoys our lessons especially that we review what we have taught during our previous lesson first. He is beginning to understand more and it makes sense to him. The times we spend just in casual friendship really helps who we teach have trust in us and makes us not so scary. First, being hauoli's and then missionaries is sometimes a touchy thing. We have found that being patient and not pushy and letting those we teach make all the choices on their own and in their own time frame really makes a difference. We can see peace, joy and happiness come into their lives.

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