Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love * Faith * Acceptance....

We taught another baptism lesson to a beautiful, sweet little girl today. Ula loves it when we come to teach and she is so excited to be baptized. Her mother was so sweet and told us how much she has appreciated having some "mature" missionaries here. She said our experience in life and how we teach has made a difference and she hopes that another senior couple will be sent here. That was a very kind message for us. It made our day. It is interesting how much we affect peoples lives and we don't even know it. It puts a lot of responsibility on us but sure humbles us to think of it. Later in the evening I went over to Max's for "chick chat". She asked me what I have learned and will take with me when I leave. I told her three things; love, faith and acceptance. We love the Hawaiian people so much. They have so much faith in the Savior it is amazing. I have faith but I need to even have stronger faith like theirs. Acceptance is interesting. I have always thought I was accepting and tolerant but I have learned so much about myself. My life's experience was so different before I came here. They have accepted us. It has taken some time but we really feel a part of the ward and community now. Patience, patience, patience and true, honest love toward others wins in the end.

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