Saturday, December 18, 2010

Waimea Christmas Light Parade.

Some ward members asked us to the Waimea Christmas Light Parade in the historic city of Waimea (part of our ward). It is held after dark and anything that has wheels and can be strung with lights is in it. Last year they had to limit big diesel trucks because they are too loud and honk too much. Golf carts, tow trucks, scooters, ambulances were all decked out. I'm sure the kids were all confused because EVERY "float" had a santa aboard. We laughed, cheered and had lots of fun. We also collected lots of candy that was thrown all along the way.

By the way there was a potluck dinner afterward at Wendy Russell's. ( Her parents are in SLC at the Family History Center on a mission) Hawaiian stew and lots of other goodies to enjoy.. Yumm. There goes all 40 pounds Wally lost before coming!

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