Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Uncle Andy.

We woud like to introduce you all to Uncle Andy. We meet with Uncle Andy every Thursday at 14:30 ( he's an old military man). That is 2:30 for all us regular people. Uncle Andy is pure Hawaiian. He is from Niihau. You have to be invited to the island of Niihau. Only "true Hawaiians can live there. We read the Book of Mormon in Hawaiian. He reads to us and we try to figure out where he is and then explain what he read and he tells us if we are right or not. The Book of Mormon was translated by Joseph F. Smith to Hawaiian many years ago. One verse in Hawaiian is about any where from 5 to 15 verses in the standard Book of Mormon. Uncle Andy loves to have us come. He says it makes him HAPPY! He is a fun guy to visit. He explains the islands, the sea and the Hawaiian way of life. Wally has learned some Hawaiian words he loves to use. He uses wiki wiki on me all the time. It means hurry! He also uses makau kau which means he is ready.

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