Friday, January 28, 2011

The Guard!!

We finished early for the evening as our last appt. canceled. Wally said "let's go for a walk on the beach. You know me, I can't turn that one down. We decided to walk down to Barking Sands Military Base. You can go all the way down on the beach. It is quite a ways down there. It took us an hour to walk one way. We got almost to the No Trespassing sign and were met by a military guard! Oh, Oh. " The line is drawn here," he said. We asked what was going on and he told us the rifle range was open and they were practicing and didn't want stray bullits to hit anyone. I wish I had asked him to have his picture taken with me. It would have been fun. On the way back we stopped and sat on the sand to watch the whales. They were really active again. What fun it is to sit and watch. The ocean, the waves, the whales ahhhh!

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