Saturday, January 22, 2011

Service, Prep. and Prepare.

To day we did service for the morning. We worked on the yard of the house we live in helping Bonnie the land lady. We mowed, weeded, edged, and watered. It was a good thing. Bonnie works out at the Base so she doesn't have much time to do her yard as well as ours. We feel like we need to do physical work sometimes as well as our teaching. You know how we love to work in the yard so it was a treat for us anyway.
We speak in church tomorrow and our topic is .... Missionary Work. Imagine that. We are spending the afternoon getting ready. We want to make sure we cover everything and make a good impression on the ward. To us one of the important parts of our calling is to be good supportive members of the ward. We love it here and hope they will come to our rescue and start taking us to meet their friends and family who are not members or less active. When friends and family take us to visit their loved ones it makes such a difference for us and for the investigators. I said in my talk that Wally and I are so scary so would they please help us and pave the way.

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