Thursday, January 6, 2011

Knock, Knock Anybody Home?

We spent the afternoon knocking on doors trying to get to know people in the neighborhood and in our ward. We visited 6 houses. People were kind enough to visit with us outside on the step but told us they were busy and maybe they would come to church sometime. They also told us they knew who we were and where we lived and would call us if they needed us. I thought you might like to see what grows without much care outside here in Hawaii. Aren't these orchids beautiful?
Almost every yard has some!

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  1. Knock, knock...anybody home...yes, we're home !! From Texas, that is.
    We had a grand time with Bethany and her family. I miss all your emails and all the news. Fill me in....I love your blog...thanks for sharing.
    Are you O.K. ? What is a typical day like ? Are you kept busy or do you have to be creative? What are your living conditions? We are going on a mission vicariously through you !! Austin is feeling great. We are both doing well and keeping busy with my Mom, church callings, and the grandkids...not necessarily in that order !! Know we pray for you and hope you are well and happy. God's speed always...
    Love you, Austin and Barbara