Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our poor car.

Today we had District Meeting. It was another great meeting by Elder Moala. I hope he doesn't get transfered next week. Elder Lawrence is really getting trunky. He is ready to go home. He is such a good, kind elder we will miss him. He and Elder Schmerse come over every P-Day to do laundry and eat breakfast and lunch. We take good care of them. I think they like it. Anyway back to our meeting day. When we got our car it only had 10,000 miles on it but it had been abused by previous owners. When it rained so hard here it flooded about 2 inches on the passenger side. We just got that fixed and found out the window washer reservoir had a big crack in it. We had to buy a new one $118. worth. We were lucky enough to find a member who could put it in for us. While we were in meeting he fixed it all up and now we are all set to go. We offered to pay him but he laughed and said no he was glad to help. "It's too bad they gave you a canoe with a hole in it."

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