Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ta'ala's and Talks!

Meet Brother and Sister Ta'ala. They are so much fun. We really have enjoyed getting to know them. Brother Ta'ala is from Samoa. When we were talking to him about growing up we asked him if he knew Bob and Linda Lewis because they taught school in Samoa in the 70's. He got thinking about it and said "Did he teach P. E.?" We said, "yes." He said "I remember he used to make us lift weights using weights made out of plumbing supplies." Brother Ta'ala usually does construction but things have slowed down so he is working his 6 acres of Taro fields up Waimea Canyon for the time being.
Our talks went well today. The ward said they liked our messages. We hope things will progress now. We can relax now for the afternoon. You know how preparing and giving talks wears
you out.

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