Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Magaoay's and Ryan Riddle!

You are probably wondering what Ryan and the Magaoays have in common. Well, I will tell you. The Magaoays just got back from Salt Lake City and their mission to the Family History Center. They spoke in church today and wanted more time to talk about Family History so we had a fire side at their house in Waimea. We have different fire sides every month and a pot luck dinner along with them. All the ward is invited and they are lots of fun. We have good food, lots of good chatting and a great fire side to boot. We were the first to arrive and I was helping to get everything ready. The tables were just set up and a young man came and sat down at the end from me. I looked up and he said "Do you know who I am?" Without skipping a beat I said "Yes, you're Ryan." He thought I wouldn't remember. He was my student at Legacy several years ago. He is living in Kalaheo and just bumming around when he should be on a mission! We had a great visit. Who would have ever thought I would meet a student out here!

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