Thursday, November 17, 2011

Congrats Evan!

Today was a wonderful day of meetings with our Thursday favorites! We had a great visit with Brother C. this morning and then with Andrew this afternoon. We are almost finished with the Book of Mormon and Andrew wants to make sure we are going to start over again when we are finished. He really enjoys meeting with us. At 5:00 we went back over to Bro. C's for our lesson with Evan. He was very happy to tell us that he is getting married on Christmas Eve and Bishop Akita is going to marry him and Reenie. They are getting married at the Plantation Cottages under the Banyan tree and then having a dinner celebration at the neighborhood center. We were so excited to hear that. He also said he is planning to be baptized on December 31st. He will never forget these two anniversaries will he? We are so excited for him and to see him moving forward with his life.

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