Sunday, November 6, 2011

Regional Stake Conference.

We had a wonderful Regional Stake Conference today. It included all 15 of the stakes in Hawaii. It was broadcast from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. Elder Halstrom, Elder Ballard, a sister from the Primary Pres. and Pres. Eyring spoke. It was a wonderful meeting and we learned that Elder Halstrom grew up here in Honolulu. He was friends with Bro. C and they hung around together and were in the same ward. It is interesting how many general authorities have lived here or have a special love and a connections to the Polynesian people. Bro. C remembers Bro. Halstom's dad and said what a great man he was. He also remembers his brother Jimmy that he talked about in his talk. President Joseph F. Smith spent sometime here translating the Book of Mormon into Hawaiian and Elder George Q. Cannon finished it up. If I remember correctly, Auntie Ulu said they did some of the translating in a home way up in the Waimea Valley. The home is not there anymore but she showed me the general area of where it was. So many wonderful things have happened here. It really is paradise.

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