Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oueen's Bath..

It had been raining all morning and as we started down the path to Queen's Bath I was lucky enough to find a walking stick someone was kind enough to leave at the head of the trail. Because it is kind of a forest path the sun didn't shine through and dry out the ground. There was all kinds of foliage on the ground. I had on flip flops and slipped and slid down most of the muddy way. The red dirt on my feet and under my toe nails will take days to wear off. The trail has lots of roots to use as foot holds so I didn't do to badly. It drove Dad nuts though.

The sea was kind of rough today. It was just beautiful as it broke over these rocks.

Here is Queen's Bath. I took this when the waves were kind of quiet and still. It is really beautiful but very treacherous. Someone dies here every year because they won't believe what the signs say. Danger! Unexpected waves will drag you out to sea. These beautiful outings are what we take after we inspect the missionary apartments and cars. We have seen lots of beautiful scenery up on the north end of the island because that is where we finish up so we do some sight seeing and then head home.

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