Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanks from Sister Kua.

Whoee, whoee are you home? We answered the door and there were Brother and Sister Wright with this lovely turkey for us. Sister Wright is Sister Kua's daughter. If you remember we have been helping with Sister Kua's house. Well, this turkey is a great big thank you to us and all those who have been helping on the house. What a nice surprise. We will have a wonderful Christmas dinner with it. We are thankful for it but told them they didn't need to give us anything. We love doing all kinds of projects for the members in the ward.

Another wonderful surprise came from Kawehi today. She brought us 2 tangerines from her tree. Remember how I said I just can't get my head wrapped around the holidays because it is blue sky's, 80 degrees and there are wonderful trade winds blowing here. Well, just smelling this wonderful fruit gave me a little deja vu. It finally seemed a little bit like Christmas might be coming.

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