Saturday, March 19, 2011

Canadian Christian Youth Choir.

What a beautiful evening. The trade winds are blowing and the breeze is warm and the sky is blue. This is the stuff dreams are made of! Last week Brother Cardejon invited us to a choir concert on the grounds of The Waimea Plantation Cottages. He told us it was a Christian Youth choir from Canada. We decided we would go and hear the performance.
This school is a private school. Fountain View Academy from Vancouver, British Columbia. As they sang spiritual songs they would bear their testimonies of Christ and service in between. It was really tender to hear them. I thought "Boy, do I have a message for you!" I talked to a mother, of one of the students, who was sitting in front of me. She said the students have to apply to get into the school. They don't have to have a musical background when they come but if they are accepted they have to have music lessons for either voice or instrument. The whole student body is in this choir and orchestra or both. What a wonderful evening! The evening was a benefit performance for the Ni'ihau School. The last song was performed by the Ni'ihau students and teachers. The song was Hawaii Aloha and as you sing you stand as an audience and all hold hands and sway as you sing. It was beautiful. Just guess if you can what Dad and I are going to sing for our homecoming? We fell in love with the song immediately and Bro. C. is teaching us the words and tune. We might even get a Ukulele....

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