Sunday, March 13, 2011

I've Got a Surprise For You!!

We had a wonderful Stake Conference this weekend. As well as great meetings we had an additional treat. While we were sitting down for the Saturday night meeting Wally's friend Warren Depew (Carol, Warren center, his wife Sherry, Wally all from Raymond) who has been here for 3 months at his time share, said "I have a surprise for you! A classmate of yours is here from Raymond visiting. It's my cousin." Wally thought and thought. He knew everyone in Raymond, besides that his class only had 44 students. Who could it be? In walked a redhead and her husband. Warren said here she is. Wally didn't want to be rude but said "Who am I talking to?" She said "I'm Carol Hervy." Just like Warren when we met him in K-Mart Wally wouldn't have recognized her. Time changes things you know. 45 years later here they were talking about school days. "What color hair did you have?" "I think I had a crush on you." Hmmmm. It was a wonderful visit and we sat together on Sunday too so we could continue talking about old times and our families etc. They are staying up at Princeville and invited us to come up for lunch but it would have taken an extra 1 1/2 hours for the whole trip clear around the island and back. We were so happy to have had this visit and others with people we know from the mainland. Who would have ever thought a mission to Kauai would have brought us back in contact again.

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