Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chapter 9.. How to Find!

Here we are at District Meeting. It will be our last this transfer, 6 weeks, we can't believe it. It seems like just the other day Elder Prina left and Elder Moimoi got here. Elder Watson, the assistant to the Zone Leader Elder Parker, called and asked us to teach the lesson this time. We said, "OK!' He is so worried about us. He is always trying different ways to make us just like the young Elders, we just aren't and he can't get it in his head. We have figured out his reverse psychology and just chuckle. Wally and I were so prepared. We gave a great lesson if I do say so myself. How much time do you need? All of it! He looked worried handing his time over to us. Half way through Elder W said "Are you including practice?" "Hang on, hang on," I said. Did he realize he was messing with master educators? Everything turned out very well and the Elders had a great experience followed by lunch at Costco. We hope they ask us again!!!

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