Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Military Exercises...Here?

I wish I could have taken the picture of the submarine! Yes, that's right the submarine. As we were walking on the beach there it was. It was strange to look at. We first tried to decide what it was. Then as we thought about it we knew. We have seen two of them now. It seemed like something you would see in a movie! They are out in the ocean and they go back and forth. Sometimes you can just see the periscope, I guess that is what it is. Other times it comes farther up and you can see the deck. When we asked someone from the base about it they said they are here for exercises. They come into the harbor and the officers get off ship and go out to the base for meetings and a little R&R for a couple of days and then when they are finished they go back out the harbor and out to the sub. We also saw a BIG military ship. It was sailing back and forth along the horizon doing the same thing, I guess. The base will also be firing missiles in the next little while. I hope we can find out when and can see that. It is pretty interesting around here!!

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