Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tim and the Coconuts...

Wally was the lucky one to try this great Island treat!! Can you guess what it is?
We had the greatest experience today. We took our friends Tad and Teresa out to lunch because they are going home to Canada this week and we won't see them again until next November when they come back. While we were eating they mentioned that they were having their coconut trees pruned. "Wow, can we come and watch?" we said. "Sure, we will call when Tim gets there."
No sooner that we had gotten home than they called and said "Come, Come. Tim's here." Off we went. Tim had a tree climbing gadget he used so he could scoot up the tree and stand while he sawed off the coconuts and then let them down to the ground. It was fascinating. He told us all the health benefits of drinking coconut juice and eating the meat. It is quite expensive to have your trees maintained every 6 months but it is better than being sued if one would fall on someones head and kill them. They are very heavy you know!

Tim's wife then takes the coconuts to the farmers markets and uses a machete to open them at the top. She sticks a straw in and you have a great drink! He is also looking at a press to buy so he can make his own coconut oil to sell. Tim is a contractor by trade and this is what he does on the side to help take care of his family.

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